Chinmayanand Bapu Ji

Chinmayanand Bapuji

A great devotee of lord Shri Ram ji and Shri Hanuman ji, Rashtriya Sant Shri Chinmayanand Bapu idolizes excellent saint poet Shri Tulsidasji. Chinmayanand Bapu was born as udayprakash on 4thdec’1980 in a brahmin family of a small position known as Kalna situated on the bank of holy river Ganga in region – Mirzapur,U.P .But it is thought to whom on recognizing the dazzling enlightenment on his face, a brahmin had predicted the fact that baby could shine just like a really the one you want to be and shock the planet with his knowledge. Shri Chinmayanand Bapu’s life span for the past 20 existence has revolved around swadhyay, meditation, discourses, katha vachan, religious teaching and welfare of persons. He’s a philanthropist national saint with a mission to actually propagate the opinions of hindu dharma and get a job with the welfare of people.

For a incredibly little era of 9 years Chnimayanand Bapu developed reticence just for this world. While using the Bhagwat katha and Bhagwat gita to be a youngster of 9 years, Chinmayanand Bapu decided to pursue the path of spiritual evolvement and turn to be a saint. Recognizing that it will never actually possible to advance on this path without using the guidance of the knowledgeable guru, Chnimayanand Bapu accepted diksha (spiritual initiation) from shri shri 1008 Mahamandaleshwar sri Ram Kumar ji Maharaj. Along this path, he came to be known as Chinmayanand Bapu. he commenced revealing Ram Katha at a incredibly younger time and stunned everybody around him including his guruji.

With the orders and supervision of his guru, Chinmayanand Bapu obtained the knowledge about Shastras (hindu scriptures), Vedas, Upnishadas and sankrit at Ayodhya. he also attained “ Shastri” degree in sanskrit gramar in 2000. Needing complete silence to pursue spiritual evolvement, Chinmayanand Bapu gone to Chitrakoot and reflected for many years on the bank of Mandakini river. While surviving only on vegetables and fruits, Chinmayanand Bapu carried swadhyay (pursued character – researching) in the forests of Chitrakoot. He has good control over Mahabharata, Shrimad Bhagwat katha ,Shrimad Bhagwat gita and Ramcharit Manas “Ramayan”.

He has arrange his ashram, Chinmaya Dham at Haridwar. he is also connected with some other institutions along with Radhe Krishna Mandir, Vijaywara Road, Hyderabad, shri Vaid Mandir, Ramkot, Ayodhya, and Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir, Mehmedabad, Kheda, Gujrat. His live katha vachan and discourses are periodically broadcast on various tv channels such as Astha T V, Sanskar, and Shraddha etc. besides, he address viewers all around the country throughout the year. His katha vachan and also other programs will always happening at one or the other place in the country. He has served devoted discourses on Ram Katha and Shrimad Bhagwat katha in almost all the states of india.

He is highly acclaimed for his oratory skills and sweet singing voice. His thoughtful devotion to Shri Ram ji & Shri Hanuman ji and pleasant recitation of Shri Ram Katha and Shrimad Bhagwat Katha has gained him over 100,000 followers across india. Shri Chinmayanand Bapuji is completely combination in propagation of hindu religion and welfare of people. he has treated audiences in over 16-17 places worldwide.

लोकाभिरामं रणरंगधीरं राजीवनेत्रं रघुवंशनाथम्।

कारूण्यरूपं करुणाकरं तं श्रीरामचन्द्रं शरणं प्रपद्ये।।


Chinmayanand Bapu


15 मई 1979 (आयु 38)
Gaipura,, Uttar Pradesh, India

स्वामी चिन्मयानंद बापू (15 मई 1979 को जन्म) , वह एक प्रमुख कथा वाचक और अद्भुत स्वर गामी है। वह बचपन से ही महाभारत, श्रीमद् भगवद् और राम चरित्र मानस के रूप में उनके पास प्राचीन महाकाव्य और दर्शन की उत्कृष्ट कमान और गहरी समझ रखते थे।

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